No Shave November, often referred to as “Movember,” is an annual event that encourages men to grow out their facial hair throughout the month of November. The movement’s primary goal is to raise awareness about men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health, and to encourage men to take charge of their health. Even though the name says “No Shave,” it’s a good idea to keep your beard tidy, emphasizing that good grooming habits can go hand in hand with the spirit of the movement.

Whether you’re participating in Movember for a charitable cause or just for fun, this month is the perfect time to explore various beard styles that can add a unique touch to your appearance.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to different beard styles to consider, all of which can be expertly crafted at Forefathers Grooming.


The Classic Full Beard:

The full beard is a timeless and versatile style that suits most face shapes. This style involves growing out your facial hair evenly across your chin, cheeks, and mustache, resulting in a full, well-groomed beard. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a traditional and sophisticated look.

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The Stubble Beard:

For a more rugged and low-maintenance option, consider the stubble beard. Keep your facial hair trimmed to a short length, creating a slightly scruffy and edgy appearance. Stubble is a fantastic choice for men who prefer a more casual and effortless style.

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The Van Dyke:

The Van Dyke beard is a stylish combination of a mustache and a soul patch. The mustache is typically kept thin and shaped, while the soul patch, a small patch of hair just below the lower lip, remains prominent. This vintage style adds a touch of eccentricity to your look.

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The Goatee:

A goatee is a versatile style that offers various variations. You can go for a classic goatee, which involves a small, neatly trimmed beard around your chin, or you can opt for a goatee with a connected mustache for a unique twist. Goatees exude sophistication and charisma.




The Garibaldi Beard:

If you’re looking for a more bohemian and untamed appearance, the Garibaldi beard is a great choice. It’s ideal for those who want a bold and distinctive look.

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The Ducktail Beard:

The ducktail beard is a blend of the full beard and the Van Dyke. It’s characterized by a pointy chin and a neatly trimmed mustache, resulting in a sleek and polished style with a touch of rebellion.

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The Balbo Beard:

The Balbo beard is a combination of a mustache, chin beard, and soul patch. It’s a contemporary and refined style that adds a sophisticated touch to your appearance. The chin beard is typically disconnected from the mustache, creating a distinctive look.

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The Corporate Beard:

For those who need to maintain a professional image, the corporate beard is an excellent choice. This style involves keeping your facial hair neatly groomed and trimmed, creating a refined and clean-cut look. It’s perfect for the workplace or formal occasions.





At Forefathers Grooming, we understand the delicate balance between embracing the spirit of No Shave November or “Movember” and maintaining a well-groomed beard. So, let your facial hair grow, try out a new style, and make a statement while supporting a great cause. Our experienced barbers can provide you with expert advice, styling, and maintenance to ensure that your beard looks its best while you support men’s health awareness.

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